The hilarious video showing the difference in landing with Er Lingus above the Ryanair goes very viral

The hilarious video showing the difference in landing with Er Lingus above the Ryanair goes very viral

A video created by an RTE presenter showing the difference between an RE lingus landing and Ryan’s landing went viral on Twitter.

Carl, a weekend presenter and regular on the airwaves for the national broadcaster, is famous for making fun sketches of himself in his spare time, and he hit the jackpot where he can connect with many people.

Dublin Live reports that self-proclaimed author and “Messr” Carl Mullen received 650,000 views on his Twitter account on Tuesday night, counting within 24 hours.

The 14-second clip is short but very interesting as it goes through the motions of colliding with two airlines on the tarmac at Dublin Airport.

The first part of the clip shows Carl going down with Er Lingas. The video shows that this is a beautiful, pillow landing you can just hear.

Pretending to be asleep when Carl arrives, he jokes because the landing is so soft “Are we here? Zees I didn’t know we arrived”.

Part Two Then Carl sees little of Michael O’Leary’s pride and joy.

His acting makes the Ryanair landing even louder, as the plane dramatically pulls off the tarmac, with Carl screaming “aw me f *** ing back”.

The viral video later led to a small cat fight between Ryaner and Aer Lingus’ social media accounts.

Erlingus retweeted the clip with a simple but original story with a snide caption.

But Ryaner was not going to take such a photoshoot lying down, instead of aiming for the video he went straight to Er Lingus.

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They posted two pictures – one showing the number of flights currently operated by Air Lingus, and the other, all of Ryan’s services still running during the pandemic.

They replied to Er Lingas: “Children, what do you know about the landing?”


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