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The health emergency will end at midnight on Thursday

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The end of a health emergency causes the first of April 1st and the cancellation of certain measures from 4th April. However, as in the metropolitan areas, some administrative measures will remain in place to continue the fight against resumption of expansion.

Evolution of the following steps from Friday, April 1:

– End curfew measures and measures in institutions open to the public;

– Stop wearing masks in public places and places

Evolution of the following steps from Monday, April 4:

– Presentation of Health Pass is no longer required in institutions open to the public except Health-Medico-Social Institutions.

The following steps will take effect after April 1:

– Vaccination liability, unrelated to health emergencies, is still in effect for nursing staff.

Wearing a mask is mandatory on public transport (planes, buses, maritime shuttles);

– For France / Guadeloupe flights, mandatory reasons are mandatory for those who have not been vaccinated, and for flights from France, the presentation of a test is mandatory, but the validity period varies: the test should be less than 72 hours. In the case of a PCR test, the antigen test is less than 48 hours. A 7-day period of self-isolation is no longer required when a passenger arrives who has not been vaccinated (air travel procedures).

– Health Pass is mandatory for access to health and medico-social institutions.

Recommendations due to still active viral circulation:

– It is strongly recommended to keep barrier gestures and wear a mask, especially for weak and vulnerable people. This recommendation applies to all people in densely populated areas and large conventions, including outdoors;

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– If in doubt or symptoms, request a screening test and isolate yourself. PCR and antigen tests will continue to be free at Guadeloupe after March 31.

– Finally, vaccination allows you to protect yourself and others. Along with barrier measures, the vaccine is the only solution to control the impact of the Kovid-19 epidemic in the long run. Vaccination centers and vaccination offers in the city are accessible to all.

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