The head of the Danish military intelligence is in big trouble

È morto Robert Durst, il milionario protagonista della serie tv “The Jinx”

Danish newspapers on Monday They revealed One of the people involved in a major judicial inquiry into the National Intelligence Service is Lars Findsen. Defense Intelligence Service, Danish military intelligence agency. Findusen has been charged with three counts of illegally spreading sensitive information along with three other members of the intelligence service.

In this case – as all major Danish newspapers speak – very little information is circulating, given its sweetness. However, several Danish newspapers write about Finsen’s arrest A big scam It affected Danish intelligence services between 2020 and 2021, when they discovered that they had developed a very close relationship with the NSA, the main national security agency in the United States. For example, the report included extensive wiretapping of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone, and shared a number of strategic information gathered by Danish intelligence about certain Danish people, according to some journalists’ inquiries.

Findusen has been in jail since December 8, the day he was arrested along with four other members of Danish intelligence: only on Monday, when the court allowed his involvement in the investigation to be made public. Finsen is 57 years old and one of the most important leaders in Danish intelligence. Existing since 2015.

There are no further details about the allegations against him: only the magistrates of the Police Intelligence Agency are known to have alleged that he violated an article of the Penal Code punishable by up to 12 years in prison for “spreading highly classified information”. . According to Danish State TV DR The police intelligence agency suspects that some of his colleagues, including Findusen, are the source of journalistic investigations that have revealed many aspects of the collaboration between the Danish intelligence agencies and the NSA in recent months, which has done great damage to the image. Danish intelligence.

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Findesen’s case often comes in the delicate gray area between two conflicting interests: the protection of national security, and a certain level of transparency that the state undertakes to guarantee, even within the limits permitted by law. The story touches on the publication of strategic information in the press for national security, as well as other important issues alleged by intelligence agencies to infringe on the privacy of private citizens.

Spokesman for the Danish Police Intelligence Agency He said Reuters The spread of highly confidential information could have “serious or serious repercussions” for Denmark, the European Union and NATO.

Findsen told Danish media that he was innocent and that the allegations against him were baseless. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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