The hacker group takes up arms in the dark side

The hacker group takes up arms in the dark side

DInternet blackmailers seem to have lost control of their own network computers after digitally capturing parts of the IT system, one of America’s largest oil pipelines, for a week and seizing the equivalent of 4 4 million. The loss apparently includes the computers used by the victims for the actual attack and their subsequent payments, according to two commonly known Internet forums about IT security, The Record and Krebs-on-Security.

Also, the group that appeared in the pipeline hack called Darkside has now apparently dropped its weapons. According to her own account, she disabled her tools and equipment. One of the encryption and piracy programs will immediately provide decryption programs to all affected companies. Also shut down its own mainframe computers; Information will be provided “only at the request of law enforcement authorities.”

In addition, Darkside has received a kind of housing ban through operators of relevant exchange and chat forums on digital platforms such as the Russian XSS. Members working under the pseudonym have been missing since the end of last week. Last year, more than 30 hacker teams of experts in developing and using ransomware came together under the umbrella of DarkSide. In early May, they provided the pipeline hack for their biggest coup.

The deadliest attack on basic anti-government activities to date

Soon after, US President Joe Biden announced that he would take action against the attackers on the pipeline. We urge U.S. security officials to act quickly and hard. The White House is in close contact with Moscow because of its worst attack on US infrastructure. The Kremlin promised support. It is generally assumed that the hackers operate from Russia or Eastern Europe and that Moscow knows more than ever before.

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