The hacked documents behind Pfizer’s quick vaccine approval in Europe are revealed

The hacked documents behind Pfizer's quick vaccine approval in Europe are revealed

Why did it take Europe three weeks longer than the UK to approve the use of the Pfizer vaccine against Kovid-19? Including a consortium of European journalists The world Part of that is being able to access confidential documents at the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Posted by hackers, they partially answer this question.

Depending on the day and evening, “In November, the European Agency issued three main objections to the vaccination: some construction sites had not yet been inspected; Commercial vaccine lot data is still missing; After all, the available data revealed qualitative differences between commercial batches and those used in clinical trials. ”.

In short, the European Health Agency criticized the quality of doses intended for commercial purposes compared to doses used in clinical trials. The Komirnati vaccine works by using a very weak molecule, RNA. For example, EMA estimated that bottles from clinical trials contained 69% to 81% complete RNA, with an average of 59% of bottles from factories. This is due to the change in production methods to increase production. The manufacturer has finally found a way to ensure an average rate of 75% compatible with clinical trials. These documents show that the European Agency has played its part in regulating the vaccine.

The European Medicines Agency seems to be under pressure to comment. “On November 19, a senior EMA official referred to a conference call with the European Commission that provided an understanding of what EMAs are, even in a very tense and sometimes uncomfortable environment. If expectations are not met, one can expect those expectations to be realistic or not. And so on The world.

Find out who hacked these files and why. The newspaper traces the Russian track, which makes it clear that some of the exchanges that were published were counterfeit, especially because of the files “Recovered from router:” ru “(Russia) for Russia,” “Tor” for web browser browser for anonymous web browsing..

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