The gym, hairdresser and retailer will open next week, but restaurants will have to wait.

The gym, hairdresser and retailer will open next week, but restaurants will have to wait.

Retailers, gyms and hairdressers are expected to reopen on December 1, but restaurants will have to wait another year, according to plans discussed by the government.

He plans to reopen the country after the second national lockdown under Level 5 regulations.

The country is expected to include December at various stages of the Level 3 regulation.

It is hoped that next week, retail, gyms, hairdressers and barbers will be allowed to reopen.

However, restaurants and pubs that serve food may have to wait another week before serving customers again.

Government officials were examining plans to waive the $ 9 substantial food law for pubs serving food in line with the new rules.

However, sources in the discussion said that the $ 9 food law will remain in place as officials have not been able to differentiate between pubs that serve food and those that do not.

Wet pubs are unlikely to reopen before Christmas due to fears of a significant increase in new corona virus cases.

The rules on home visits and intercounty travel will be simplified by December 25 to allow for family reunions for Christmas.

During this period the government will place considerable emphasis on taking personal responsibility for the people, but they will also provide guidance on how to keep them safe.

Taoist Michael Martin warned that the increase in the prevalence of Kovid-19 in the fall was due to an increase in alcohol-related contaminants.

“Combining and associating with alcohol helps spread the virus,” he added before adding: “It’s very important how we behave together.”

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“After the introduction of Level 3, the introduction of restrictions on home visitors seems to have had an impact, so it should be kept in mind as we move into December,” he added.

Taoic declined to say what it means for pubs to reopen before Christmas.

He said the government would decide on Thursday or Friday how to get out of the Level 5 restrictions.

Martin held talks with tennis player Leo Varadkar and Green Party leader Emon Ryan.

The cabinet will meet tomorrow ahead of the National Public Health Emergency Response Team (NFET) to advise the government on Wednesday. A cabinet committee on Kovid will consider their recommendations before the final cabinet meeting to sign off on the plan.

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