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The Guinean military says the coup was carried out

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On Sunday, Mamadi Domboua, the leader of the army in the West African country of Guinea. He said President Alpha Conte dismisses government, repeals constitution, closes all air and land borders Coup The same day started in the morning. News from Guinea is still low, confusing, and the real success of the coup has not yet been confirmed.

The coup was announced around eight other soldiers, wrapped in the national flag of Guinea.

The coup began when gunfire was heard Sunday morning near the presidential palace in the capital, Conakry. In the hours that followed, videos circulated on President Conte’s social networks, surrounded by troops inside a room in the building.

The coup attempt came a week after the Guinean parliament approved a change in the national budget to increase parliamentary and presidential spending, while at the same time reducing funding for law enforcement agencies such as the police and military. From a political and military point of view, Guinea is an unstable country, and this is not the first time Conte has faced a coup attempt.

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