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The Great British Back of Review – Was it the most trivial showstopper ever? | Television and radio

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WA week’s cap for The Great British Back Off (Channel 4) return. I’m not sure there would have been a more appropriate time for the return of these television shows with the promise of distracting the weekly attention in the form of decent 12 people supporting each other through cake, bread and 12 thick and thin batters. . We try to join the bread week with another run of panic in the flour, eggs, and yeast, i.e., three-year-old tapioca flour and some outdated spices. Depending on which method you adopt there is no left in them.

In some ways, this series is far from business as usual. Filming delayed due to contagion; When it finally started, the tent moved to a new location and the bakers and presenters formed a super bubble. Sandy Toxwig went on to replace Matt Lucas. Initially, Lucas wears the form of a match winner who achieves his lifelong desire to take a tour of the tent. He seems sincerely excited to be there. The beginning is a bit of a novelty – “Are you a Battenberg fan?” During the Battenberg Challenge he asks multiple bakers – but he quickly settles down. Soon, as if he had always been there. It helps that he and Noel Fielding are friends; Their relationship is beautiful to look at.

That’s not to say it turned out to be an unpleasant sweetener. The need for a bubble, instead of turning to shoot on weekends, the contestants were there the whole time. (Dave, from Hampshire, is preparing for the arrival of his first baby, so we’re sure the partner is very happy with this need.) Overall, expect the experience not to make as much teeth as you think. While there is room for a Big Brother-style remake, there is no significant change in tone or mood. In more ways than one it is a bubble. If you missed the first two minutes of the episode, you didn’t know there was an epidemic. But with just over an hour in front of the telecast on Tuesdays, it’s okay to pretend there’s a cake fuel alternative.

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There is a hint of more intensity. There are a lot of dangers in the first episode. Usually, it is a one-off event when someone hits a cake across the tent floor; In the old days, it was such a big deal That’s it Power Be the front page news. Butterfingers may seem like a technical challenge, but depending on how uncomfortable the first week is, the technical challenge is that your cakes need to be straightened each time.

The early episodes are always full of hustle and bustle, giving each new and exciting baker a fair shot while allowing the stars to shine. It’s the first day for favorites, you never know how breadsticks are going to break, but so far I love Sura, Loria, Hermin and the young Peter – off from an old series that took a baking tip when I was 10 – and pay attention to the locking and Viking metal, because of course she does. I hope she stays only for her dry observations.

Plus, this week’s showstopper is one of the most interesting I’ve seen in the history of back off. I was mad at the prospect of being immortalized in the sponge of Bob Marley and Freddie Mercury, filtering through a nightmare those who imitate Madame Tussauds like a budget beach. In general, I always expect the bakers to excel in their challenges, so presenting a task that can only go too far was a little tactical. But have you ever seen David Bowie, in the Siggy Stardust era, rendering icing and cake, somehow seeming to have escaped the wall-e that pushed future-humans out of their chairs?

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Each time the bakers changed the name of the person trying to make a head, I lost it a little more. Little did I know that the cake bust of former Blink-182 singer Tom Delong is inspiring me this week. Every one of those bakers deserves to stay in order to take part in that challenge and raise the national spirit.

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