The Great British Back of 2020: Trailer, Release Date, Lineup

The Great British Back of 2020: Trailer, Release Date, Lineup

Autumn would not be the same without The Best British Bake Off, And thanks to the ‘mammoth sacrifice’ made by the show’s cast and crew to make it happen in light of the corona virus, it doesn’t have to be that way.

GBBO Series 11 recently finished filming at a top secret Essex location, which means we don’t want to return to comfortable bottoms and bind-back Alaska on Tuesday evenings.

If the corona virus has affected the imaging, does it look similar? Do they have to socially distance themselves from the set? Will there still be Hollywood’s famous handshakes?

Who are the judges and presentation from the first Channel 4 trailer, here is what we know about Back of 2020 so far …

When was The Great British Bake Off on TV?

Baking lovers and Prue Lee Super fans know that baking will begin in August before the October finals. But you will definitely know that it has not started yet …

The filming of Back of Series 11 was delayed due to a corona virus, which temporarily shut down TV and film productions.

We know the filming of this series was completed in August 2020, Channel 4 says it is “coming soon”, so keep an eye on this page for updates on when it will start.

The first three episodes of the new series are expected to last 90 minutes longer than the usual 75 – with an extra commercial break.

Is there a trailer for The Great British Back of 2020?

A teaser trailer has recently been released mocking the country’s hunt for the essential baking ingredient in flour during lockdown:

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Where was Back of 2020 filmed, and how did the corona virus affect the filming?

Back-off filming for Season 11 took place at a new location this year as production shifted from Welford Park in Newbury, Berkshire to a secret location in Essex, near Bishop’s Stortford.

Filming for the six-week ‘tough’ shoot began in July 2020 – three months after the regular May start date – with two days off and two days off.

Love Productions – the show’s hosts – recently revealed the extensive steps they have taken on the set so that the cast and crew can safely film the series.

Speaking BroadcastThey revealed that the production staff of the 120-person show had to stay in a self-contained biosphere for the duration of the shoot and allow the actors to ignore the social remote guidelines on camera.

It included 20 hotel staff members, 80 producers, about 20 children, chaplains and dog walkers, as well as all the actors and the new filming location. Reports that everyone on the team should isolate themselves for nine days before entering the hotel and undergo three COVID tests.

The production crew even built 12 practice kitchens for bakers to use during the holidays.

So, does this look like a normal back off?

“It looks like a normal back-off you see in the tent, because it’s a normal back-off, and we were able to do it,” said Kelly Webb-Lamp, deputy director of Channel 4.

“What really happened in the tent, the challenges they made, the time they had to prepare, they were always the same. So this is an incredible gain from love [Productions] To withdraw it. ”

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Who are the judges and presenters?

Another thing that looks similar this year is the judges, because Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back to bake the contestants.

We still have to see the famous Hollywood handshakes as the contestants do not have to keep social distance during the filming! (If competitors earn them, ie).

The presentation lineup is a little different, because comedian Matt Lucas has replaced Sandy Toxvig and focused on her other work projects after leaving the show.

Noel Fielding, who is returning as co-presenter, will join Lucas.

Do we know who is in line this year?

We do not – the lineup for The Great British Back of 2020 has not yet been announced.

See the Great British Back Off if you like

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The Great British Back Off is coming to Channel 4 soon.

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