The grand opening of Marvel Shanghai at the world’s largest astronomical museum – the latest news

The grand opening of Marvel Shanghai at the world's largest astronomical museum - the latest news

Great opening at Marvel Shanghai, the largest museum in the world

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Marvel in the world’s largest astronomy museum – Date July 12 CNNThe world’s largest astronomy museum will open on July 16 in Shanghai, China.

The museum has a unique building style. Designers draw inspiration from the unique features of the universe. The square is all a curve. Moreover, the building is a circle of layers stacked on top of each other. Imitate the orbits of the planets.

Marvel in the world's largest astronomy museum

Designed for all curves – CNN

Shanghai Museum of Astronomy This is another branch of the Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology. The total area is more than 39,000 square kilometers. The Planetarium also houses a 23.7 m high observatory designed by United Architects from the United States as an exhibition venue. It won the design in 2014

Thomas J., head of the design team, said he wanted to use the design to enhance the visitor’s overall experience. Wong said. This museum is the ultimate representative of cosmic-inspired buildings.

Marvel in the world's largest astronomy museum

Sundial – CNN inside the main entrance hall

A cornerstone of the design is that curves are used instead of all straight lines to reflect that all kinds of forces in the universe are constantly moving.

Wong said the design was inspired by the mathematical problem of calculating three physical problems based on the principle of gravity correlation. This is a headache for astronomers today.

Marvel in the world's largest astronomy museum

A planetarium inside a sphere rises majestically in the middle of the hall – CNN

The report states that the motion of two stars at the same time, i.e. a planet and a moon, can now be calculated. But if a star were added, its orbit would be complicated and unpredictable with current technology.

“I think this issue is interesting because it is a complex orbit. This is a relationship that is always changing. This is different from creating a circle around something in the middle. We want our designs to replicate the complexity of this, ”Wong said.

Marvel in the world's largest astronomy museum

Bok Fa Dome helps viewers to observe the night sky – CNN

The layers of such circles chosen by the designers include spheres, spheres, and domes, representing the sun, moon, and stars, each designed for different functions.

When visitors enter the museum, they will find a sphere that opens above the main entrance. It acts like a clock to tell time by allowing sunlight to shine through the earth like an ancient sundial. It can tell time and place again

The planetarium dome, housed in a circular building next to it, resembles the moon rising from the ground when activated. You can also navigate through the area below. The dome of the planetarium can be seen floating in the air.

Another is a transparent dome that allows visitors to observe the night sky. To enhance the experience and make the visitors fully experience the universe.

“We want our visitors to be aware of the uniqueness of our land on which life resides. We know the universe differently than anywhere else, ”Wong said.

Ened Architects were behind the design of the famous Rose Center for Earth and Space for the American Museum of Natural History, which has offices in the United States and China. In New York City Mr. Wong stated that the two buildings are connected.

Paul Sec (designer) once said that the Rose Center is like a temple of unity. This statement is absolutely true for your experience at the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, ”Wong said.

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