The government will hold two special meetings with Dublin head to level 3

The government will hold two special meetings with Dublin head to level 3

The government has decided to hold two special meetings on Friday in the wake of the possibility of raising Dublin to the third level of the Kovid-19 alert plan over the weekend.

The latest report from the National Public Health Emergency Response Team (NPEET) will discuss whether the Cabinet subcommittee on Kovid-19, chaired by Taoist Michel Mart, will meet on Friday.

If the NPETE conclusions are negative, a full cabinet meeting will be convened on Friday afternoon to place Dublin on the third level of the Five Level Plan.

“If the numbers remain the same, it will only go one way,” a government source said.

The NPET will meet weekly on Thursday to discuss the latest data and evidence of the virus’s outbreak in Ireland and to suggest measures to prevent or prevent its spread.

If it is found that the infections in Dublin are not permanent and follow-up action is needed, preparations will be made for a cabinet meeting on Friday to take effect.

This means that Dublin and its population of 1.4 million will be subject to the strict control of the other 25 countries. Prohibition of social or family gatherings indoors or outdoors, additional restrictions on indoor dining, as well as urging people not to travel outside the country. No matches or events are allowed and spectators are not allowed in any of the games that take place (such as Elite GAA and Soccer Games).

As happened in Dublin this week, the decision may be made to revise some of the more stringent regulations.

It is not known whether the new oversight team, chaired by Secretary-General of the Government Martin Fraser, will discuss the findings of the NPEET mentioned in the new medium plan. Its membership and terms may take weeks to expire.

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Earlier, Finance Minister Pascal Donohue said there was a strong “real” possibility of the government moving Dublin into third place in its plans to fight the Kovid-19 Pandemic.

Of the 254 cases confirmed by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPET) on Wednesday, 136 were in Dublin.

“I’ve been paying close attention ever since the end of April,” said Philip Nolan, chair of the NPET’s Epidemiological Modeling Advisory Group.

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