The government refuses to put pressure on the sale of ‘non-essential’ items

The government has rejected calls to lift a ban on the sale of children’s clothing and other household items in supermarkets.

Taoist Michael Martin said it would not be fair for small retailers to be forced to close under Level 5 lockout conditions if large supermarkets are allowed to sell “non-essential” items.

In the coming days, Garda Baby will visit shops across the country and advise against selling baby clothes, homewear and other food and beverage items.

Martin said large retailers should not be allowed to exploit the conditions of the lockdown. He said it was the result of living on the fifth level.

“Shops can not take advantage of the situation, especially large retailers, because small retailers had to close. It is not fair to them that a multiple is open to its inevitable side. That’s not right, not everyone pulls together. The multipliers have assured the government that they are not going to do this, ”he said Irish Examiner.

“A lot of people on the street and in the country cities had to close. This is not appropriate for them. Basically, there is a legitimate problem.”

In the coming days, Tesco, Lidl and Aldi have said they will limit the amount of non-essential items they sell, effectively closing “middle corridors” where German retailers sell cookware, electronics and garden equipment. In some stores, children’s clothing sales have ended.

Aldi said the SpecialBeau promotions will be suspended, but Lid said it will not sell any non-essential items. These items include Christmas decorations and toys.

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‘Reduce overall congestion’

Martin said the shopping centers themselves are problematic, and a lot of people see the church as a problem.

Nephet’s advice is to reduce the overall congestion in the community for the next six weeks.

“If you reduce the number of reunions and the number of reunions of people, it reduces the risk of the virus and you can make the progress we have made by keeping the numbers very low,” he said.

This move goes further Six deaths and 866 of the Kovid-19 cases were confirmed. The number of cases now exceeds 60,000 in Ireland.

Martin said the shopping centers themselves are problematic,
Martin said the shopping centers themselves are problematic,

Laura Erskine, of the Baby Dock Club, which provides support and advice to new parents across the country, including Facebook’s 70,000 members, said the decision to ban the sale of baby clothes was “the most ridiculous record the government has ever had”.

Ms Erskine said her social media channels had been upset with anxious and upset parents in recent days.

The government’s vague guidelines for retailers to prepare for the current fifth floor with Kovid restrictions have caused confusion among the public and retailers, but it has hurt the most vulnerable members of society, ”she said.

“A pregnant mother can give birth at any time during the 40 weeks of gestation, and premature babies have a real chance of surviving from 24 weeks. There is still a widespread superstition that they may not be able to safely enter this world.

“As a result, some parents expecting babies over the next two months have not purchased the extra clothing or nightwear needed to get their baby to the hospital. As partners and visitors are limited from visiting a new mum, preparations must be made in advance for all events.”

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Social Democrats TD Gary Gannon said the move was disappointing and would punish the elderly and social welfare.

“People have no place for kids to go back to school and buy white T – shirts. I’m never seen anyone lobby for this.

“It should be about security – not the discretion of reason.”

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