The government of Pernambuco has temporarily stopped donating part of the land for Espaço Ciência

The government of Pernambuco has temporarily stopped donating part of the land for Espaço Ciência

Through an ordinance published by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of Pernambuco, The state government has decided to stop the donation A piece of land space science, The memorial is located in Arcoward, the border area between Recife and Olinda.

The decision was confirmed this Thursday (15) and will take effect immediately. “Administrative measures aimed at implementing State Law nº 17.940/2022, State Auditors Court – decided to suspend pending further performance of TCE”.

Councilor Valdesir Pascoal from the State Auditors Court had asked the Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of Pernambuco, Fernando Juca, to present arguments against the request to suspend Espazo Ciancia’s contribution.

The representation was signed by attorney Germana Laurano, who is questioning the reasons that led the state government to give away $16 million worth of public, cultural and heritage space in Pernambuco to private companies Seacable Servicos de Telecom LTDA and Sea Datacenter Data. PROCESSING LIMITED

The prosecutor argued that “the sale of public property to the private sector depends on prior bidding, and a person who is not a member of the public administration cannot donate public property.”

The donation of 8,200m² Espaço Ciência was signed through Law No. 17,940, enacted in October of this year, to establish a datacenter with submarine cable for Internet speed.

But, according to O MPC-PE, the two companies benefiting from the donation have registered capital at the federal revenue of ten thousand reais each, but, in addition to receiving R$ 16 million of land from the state, they still offer. 50 million dollar investment.

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In the donated area, a number of scientific outreach activities such as building and launching rockets, workshops, observing the sun are conducted. There are equipment like Savante plane, model of VLS-satellite launch vehicle, human gyroscope, tree climbing activities, mini rocket, statue of Santos Dumont, support building, bridge across the canal and airstrip.

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