The government has blocked the desire for tax transparency for multinational companies.

The government has blocked the desire for tax transparency for multinational companies.

Tribune. Global taxation is on the verge of a revolution. U.S. President Joe Biden has provided the long-awaited inspiration: With his proposal for the lowest corporate tax rate globally at 21%, Bidder gets a historic opportunity to end the race with the worst and end the lowest tax regime.

358 billion euros, including 205 billion, are evaporated directly to tax centers due to tax misuse by multinational corporations. These astronomical figures suffocate us: the aggressive competition in low taxes is gradually draining our public funds and undermining our ability to finance social gains (retirement, unemployment, etc.), invest in transformation, and redistribute wealth to effectively combat inequality. .

However, this is fundamental to the future of our societies, and today it is in jeopardy: the fight against inequality is the only way to prevent the world from exploding.

The competition is down

Emmanuel Macron and the government act like firefighters. In fact, they worship flames. This double talk is deadly. In financial justice and climate, behind the best words, there are anti-historical activities. It has to be said. We must respond.

The French government voted in favor of Finance Minister Bruno Le Meyer in favor of President Biden’s ambition of at least 21%. Instead of supporting such a proposal or proposing a higher figure, France suggested 12.5%, while 15% argued that an “acceptable” compromise could be reached. Lack of this desire yields very concrete results.

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According to a new study published by the European Monetary Observatory, a rate of 21% will allow the EU to collect $ 100 billion in additional tax revenue in 2021 alone, while halving that rate by 15%. However, the mayor in Bruno announces it publicly “Europe cannot accept economic models based on economic waste”.

Why is the world rate so low that it encourages downward competition? Like Joe Biden, why not suggest a minimum 21% limit? Speech and activity …

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