The government finally rejects the nuclear crematorium at Villar de Canas

The government finally rejects the nuclear crematorium at Villar de Canas

The creation of the Ministry for Environmental Transformation and Demographic Challenges was eventually rejected A centralized temporary warehouse in SpainIn his day Planted in Villar de Canas (Cuenca).. In the draft General Radioactive Waste Plan sent to the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) and communities, the Govt. Each power plant stores its own radioactive wasteReported by ‘El País’ and confirmed by ABC.

This document establishes the policy for radioactive waste management and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and must be approved by the CSN before being formally adopted.

The text envisages the decommissioning of nuclear power plants between 2027 and 2035 and the start of decommissioning of nuclear power plants three years after their termination, with the exception of Vandelos I, its final phase. Implemented from 2030 onwards. In this context, the question to be resolved was: What to do with the waste? Nuclear after their useful life. The nuclear waste warehouse project was launched in December 2011, with Villar de Canas selected by the PP government, along with Mariano Rajoy, for its construction. A plan the PSOE tried to block when Castilla-La Mancha returned to power. The current Minister of Environmental Transformation, Teresa Ribera, was also unfavorable and decided to stall the construction process pending various reports.

Now, the government is considering launching the project, which is expected to be approved Seven decentralized temporary warehouses It remains in a deep underground storage facility until it is transferred to final storage for spent fuel and high-level waste at plant sites. In other words, the ATC option is already ruled out.

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Once the reports from the CSN and Autonomous Communities are received, the Ministry will prepare a final report and send it to the Environment Body so that the Strategic Environmental Declaration can be formulated. After that, it will be approved by the Council of Ministers and notified to the Parliament and the European Commission in accordance with the Radioactive Waste Management Directive.

“The Right Choice”

The Junta de Castilla-La Mancha appreciates the government’s decision “The most logical option”. “Nobody wanted the ATC, the option to place it in Villar de Canas was terrible,” the board’s spokesperson assures ABC, recalling that it was decided to place it in the municipality of Castilian-Manchego only for political reasons. ”

Instead of a centralized nuclear waste repository in the heart of Castilla-La Mancha, there will be seven. It’s not a test, as some nuclear power plants like it to be Trillo In Guadalajara, they already have an individual temporary warehouse, or ATI, in which they manage their waste, which continues to be transferred from Zorita.

Thirteen years ago, the municipality of Villar de Canas approved the establishment of a nuclear storage facility. The city has expressed its willingness to host ATC facilities. They said yes to a nuclear crematorium, an investment of one billion euros, the construction of a business incubator and a technology center to stimulate the local economy in the area.

A is meant to develop program of investigation Basics in radioactive fuel, industrial prototypes, robotics and environmental restoration. An investment that can still work after 60 years, even after the ATC is dismantled.

That quality work is now in the air. The city’s mayor, Jose Maria Sais, feared that if the seven decentralized warehouses were chosen, as eventually happened, the city would have to say goodbye to those investments. “Guadalajara will have two decentralized nuclear warehouses, but without a research center, without a business park, two-sevenths of the financial allocation will have the same risk,” he wrote.

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