The government beat up a gathering of “hero” firefighters with wood and chemicals

The government beat up a gathering of "hero" firefighters with wood and chemicals

Using wood, chemicals, and the “action” group in addition to the sphere of influence, the government disbanded the gathering of “heroes” – as they were called in the summer – by firefighters outside the Ministry of Climate Crisis and the Ministry of Civil Protection on Kifisia Avenue.

Like health workers, the government responded with brutal repression, injuries and five arrests to House workers, respectively, for the need to strengthen the health system and take steps to protect the people.

According to reports, two people were injured in the police attack, especially a photographer and a seasonal firefighter who were taken to hospital for hand stitches after being injured by repression force lightning.

The police took place in the truck filled with vehicles in Kiffiias Avenue and firefighters were already blocked by the road and responding to the road.

As part of that, five arrests were made, police said in a statement. At the same time, it confirms the repressive intervention against the firefighters who sought a solution to their needs, but also through the means at its disposal (i.e. chemical and sphere of influence) under the guise of demarcating the conference boundaries.

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