The glider-helicopter that flew over Mars now has the hardware of a 7-year-old smartphone.

The glider-helicopter that flew over Mars now has the hardware of a 7-year-old smartphone.

Do you expect the technology behind the helicopter of perseverance and ingenuity to be the best and latest? It turns out that the first LG G3 or Van Plus shared features with them

Intelligence Helicopter & Qualcomm System Introduced | Source: Qualcomm

NASA made history when it was uploaded this weekThe first successful flight was an ingenuity glider helicopter to Mars – After landing at the Red Star with the Perseverance spacecraft in February. The glider-helicopter completed its second flight yesterday, lasting a little over 59 seconds.

You would assume that a helicopter that makes such history would have the latest technology – right. OK, ess again.

Directly from OnePlus One to Mars

NASA’s glider helicopter completed its first 40 seconds of flight this week – proving that it can fly to Mars in very rare weather – including Qualcomm, one of the leading chip companies currently in the field of smartphones.

Qualcomm has developed a platform for skimmers, which allows you to control live skimmers using Snapdragon Flight – the company’s components announced in 2015. Although the platform is intended for small gliders flying here – on Earth – NASA has chosen to use them to operate remotely.

Qualcomm has begun collaborating with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which is responsible for the helicopter-skimmer flight project to bring the Snapdragon flight system – remotely controlled, albeit live.

Best yet, a private company that makes chips for billions of smartphones is collaborating with NASA on one of the most exciting missions in history. But where is the less advanced technology we offer you? Well, remember that Qualcomm relaunched their platform in 2015. So she ran the Snapdragon 801 processor.

This means that the ingenuity glider helicopter chip, which made history and led to future flight plans for various instruments in the skies on Mars in the years to come, was already in your pocket in 2014. The first killer on legendary smartphones like the OnePlus One, which is considered the flagship. On the other hand, you can also find it in someone called a chip For LG’s latest flagship – G3 (You know, that The G4 was awesome AndTheir cellular division is dead).

The chip, which is based on Qualcomm’s ARM architecture, has been at the forefront of the stage in the smartphone world for a long time after its rise, as mentioned in some of the most popular models 7 years ago – “It’s not age, it’s exercise”.

Ancient technology makes history with lander and helicopter-skimmer on Mars | Source: NASA

What about Lander?

If you think the 2014 chip on a skimmer-helicopter that made history is an ancient technology, you are glad that the perseverance quest that the helicopter arrived at, and the “live” in it, came with technology. You have a significant outburst of nostalgia.

Lander, who slyly landed in the DeGero crater on Mars about two months ago, tried to find the oldest (perhaps the oldest?) Sign of life on the red planet, a chip you can find in 23 years – old computers.

It is a PowerPC 750 processor with record breaking speed – 200 MHz (we tested, no turbo button). The system also includes the RAM required for FIFA 98 on the computer – 256 megabytes of RAM and 2 gigabytes of storage. It’s a system similar to Apple’s iMac G3, launched in 1998 – it is considered the original iMac.

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Consider your telegram to be the largest technology channel in the country
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The idea behind using such old technology is self-proven chips over the years. After all, this is something to be found Severe bug in processors, A completely different story that could not have been seriously repaired on Earth and happened 290 million miles from here. In addition, the relatively basic requirements of the missions allowed NASA engineers to settle for a veteran processor.

And open source. Lots of open source

Another interesting statistic about the technology that powers NASA’s equipment on the Red Planet is the use of open source. Net Friedman, CEO of GitHub, Revealed For software running gliders and probes, NASA used open source written by at least 12,000 developers. Most of them are unaware of it. However, the situation may change, as GitHub decided to add Task character To all developers, Linus Torvalds, the father of Mars, is, surprisingly, Linux.

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