The glass of the physics lesson taught by the teacher magically disappears from the hand in 10 seconds

Video: शिक्षकाने Physics तासादरम्यान दाखविली भन्नाट जादू; १० सेकंदात केला हातातील ग्लास गायब

The teacher explains a physics concept: Every teacher teaches children a difficult subject. It helps the students to understand the subject easily. This is mostly seen in physics class. These background videos are also viral on social media. Now one such video has gone viral on social media. In which a teacher teaches a physics lesson to students. In it he shows the refractive index of glass and air, and all the students stare.

In this viral video, a physics teacher teaches kids how air and glass have different refractive indices. He is seen using two glasses to prove it. After some time the teacher pours vegetable oil into a glass and then the glass disappears. This shows that glass and oil have the same refractive index. But suddenly a glass disappeared and something magical seemed to have happened.

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See the wonderful magic created by the teacher

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This video is shared by Deepak Prabhu and this video is going viral. The teacher says that when the refractive indices are the same, light does not bend, so we cannot see glass. The video has been viewed more than 80,000 times on Twitter. His unique style of teaching physics has attracted netizens.

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