The gigantic rocks at Stonehenge would move miles in ancient times

The gigantic rocks at Stonehenge would move miles in ancient times

Legend has it that the monument was built by the magician Marilyn Stonehenge. Or, he stole the Stone Circle from the Irish to modify the present site in England. Is this just a story or is there some truth in it? This Friday we can legally ask the question when a very serious archeological study appears. In the British specialist magazine “Antiquity”.

According to its authors, Stonehenge’s first circle was drawn not in Ireland, but in Wales, before moving to the Salisbury Plains. The study of the documentary “Stonehenge: The Lost Circle Revealed” will also be unveiled on the BBC this Friday evening.

Merlin and the “Giant’s Dance” from Africa

The epic comes from the Welsh Bishop Jeffrey de Monmouth, author of The History of the Kings of Brittany in 1138 – at which time Britanni commissioned the island of present-day Great Britain. Historical. That’s it Say Ure Ralius Ambrose, the elder brother of the Northern Pendragon (and therefore King Arthur’s uncle), would have decided to build a monument to those who died in the Great War. For this he appealed to Merlin (obviously), who assured him that it was necessary to seize a stone called the “Dance of Giants.” Located on Mount Killarus in Irlane

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