The Giant Causeway in Ireland is a rocky path

La strada del gigante in irlanda

Amidst the enchanting and majestic Irish landscape, amidst the cliffs facing the waves, amidst the expanses of greenery, romantic and remote homes, there is a masterpiece of nature. We are talking about Giants Causeway, The cliffs are also known as the Giants Causeway or Giants Road. A natural structure, very precise and stunning, it looks like a sculpture. One of the most magical and original placesIreland.

The Giant’s Causeway resembles a large hive, with a perfect, proportionate and harmonious structure. A comforting sight with a fascinating history from the fog of time. Seems to be 60 million years ago, Strong impulses that have alienated North America and Europe have opened a rift in the Earth’s crust at the western tip of present – day Great Britain. It exploded from the crack Molten basalt It was then cooled, solidified, retracted, and divided into thousands of columns with regular symmetry.

Lava rocks forming the Giant’s Causeway

The Giant Road Contains more than that 40,000 ancient columns Hexagonal volcanic rocks rising from the sea create very strange formations on the shore. The whole adaptation is suppressed by the wind, and the waves that burst with sound give life to a Poetic image Infinitely exciting. This magnificent view of nature is very indicative and kind of, until it is declared UNESCO heritage since 1986.

The Giants Causeway is located on the northeast coast of Ireland, about 3 km north of the town of Bushmills in Antrim County, Northern Ireland. A natural stop that can be easily reached within 3 hours by car from Dublin or by car from Belfast. But the Giant’s Road is the most beautiful and traditional way to get there Steam train And bushmills.

Giant Causeway Giant Causeway

Giants Causeway at sunset

Man has always tried to explain the wonders of nature with stories and legends. Such a curious place can only raise doubts and questions in men who appreciate such a complete and well-crafted work. Thus the mystical imagination was stimulated and legends and stories were born.

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A Epic Giant Ulster warrior Fionn McChamhel says he’s madly in love with a Scottish giant from Staff Island and that he built a stone road with his strong hands to reach her. Only love can describe such a wonderful and successful creation.

Instead an alternative version tells another story. Irish giant Fiona McChamhel once received an insult from his Scottish rival Benandoner. So he built a path to reach Scotland, which was later destroyed by Benandoner himself. The only thing left is there Giants Causeway.

Giant Road in Ireland

Giants Causeway during a sunny day

Definitely a place to visit on a trip to Ireland. Ideal stop for nature lovers and hikers, it can entice all visitors. Nature always shows us how majestic and complete it is, capable of creating landscapes and spaces that even the best architect can imagine.

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