The Gemini meteor shower will appear in the Irish sky this weekend

The Gemini meteor shower will appear in the Irish sky this weekend

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The annual Gemini meteor shower will appear this weekend.

Shooting stars This weekend the skies of Ireland will rise to their highest annual activity, as shooting stars will fly 20 times higher than usual.

The annual cosmic event runs for more than two weeks from December 4th to 17th, but will rise after midnight on Sunday night.

It is predicted that there will be no interference from the moon, so a spectacular view of the celestial bodies is expected to be clear at night.

The bright shining stars will leave a path behind them and create a magnificent display of shooting stars.

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In rural areas, those with very dark skies can have a better view, while urban viewers can also see a lot of cosmic activities.

For those in the city, it is important to stay away from bright lights to get the best view NASA.

“Escape from the bright lights, lie on your back, and look up. Allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness – you will see more meteors that way.

Remember, this setting takes about 30 minutes. Do not look at your cell phone screen, as this will ruin your night vision! ”They advised.

“When you see a meteor, try to find it behind you. If you end up in the Gemini constellation, you have a good chance of seeing a Gemini,” she added.

Stargazers are also advised to pack well on Sunday nights to get a more comfortable view.

Astronomy Ireland It also seeks to help the public report what they see during a meteor shower.

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Ask them to fill out a report, estimate how many shooting stars they see at night and email them to their website for publication Astronomy Ireland Magazine.

We will be sure to check it out over the weekend!

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