The Game – Win your Halloween weekend for two in Ireland!

Penny Bridge à Dublin !

A land of legends and stories, Ireland comes to you this week on ‘Immediate Boarding’. To succeed: your Return flights Paris/Dublin and 2 nights in a 3* hotel in the Irish capital For two people, it is enough to immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of Halloween without restraint.

We owe this celebration to Ireland itself. Celts have always celebrated Samhain, a great celebration of fire and feasting marked the end of the season of light and the beginning of the winter days. thinking thatAn interaction between the world of the living and the world of the dead was possible at this particular time in the calendar, Celts protect themselves by disguise To confuse and frighten ghosts, bogeys and other demons. A tradition was born.

This is a unique opportunity Go back to the origins of one of the most famous and celebrated festivals We offer you this week in France Bleu Paris.

How to play

There’s only one thing to do, Call your radio Sign up to play live on the Embarkation Immediate Show between 11am and 12pm.

After broadcasting, you need to try Answer as many questions as possible correctly. 1 question, 5 second reflection. If the thinking time is exceeded or the answer is wrong, the game ends.

Equilibrium is not possibleThe listener with the highest score of the week i.e. the highest number of questions answered in a row is declared the winner of the week.

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