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The Game Pass Friends and Family program is entering the testing phase

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At the beginning of the year, we learned that Microsoft was ambitiousExpand its subscription system offering. Today, while several rumors have mentioned it, the company has made it official by launching Game Pass Friends & Family. However, this is still only a test phase and therefore not available everywhere. But What can you see there? Like the gaming version of Netflix.

Currently limited to Colombia and Ireland, this service benefits from the benefits of the Ultimate tier. Specifically, it allows you to share your game library with up to 4 other accounts and play simultaneously. Thus, for 49,900 Colombian pesos or 21.99 euros, 5 accounts can enjoy all the benefits of the service. Game Pass Friends and Family seems pretty generous, giving access to all titles in the catalog, EA Play’s games, and regular promotions.

But obviously some minor rules are imposed to benefit from it. Apart from the fact that it is currently only available in Colombia and Ireland (Test phase required), this expansion of Game Pass doesn’t allow everything. Payment should be taken care of by the person who created the group. Once the group is created, its creator can invite up to 4 people to it. It is impossible to change for some time afterwards. In total, each user can only join one group at a time, and a maximum of two different groups each year. The creator of a group can re-invite 4 others to join it if the latter is dissolved. Even if you have to live in the same country, you don’t have to be in the same house to enjoy it.

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