The game does not tell you 14 tips and tricks

The game does not tell you 14 tips and tricks

Among things that can only be described as a phenomenon move, the direct comparison between the Sony PS5 and its grandfather, the remake of Demon Souls, was released as a console exclusive. It not only shows how far the PlayStation has come over the last few years; It also ensures that fans get a chance to play a game that many missed when it was released in 2009.

As a developer, the release of Dark Souls 1 after 2 years of software has really come as a shock. Luckily, the idea of ​​‘get better’ became addictive and the best games of all time came out. The remake of Demons Souls seems destined to be one of them, ironing the kinks in the wrong masterpiece while keeping the overall experience of the game active.

So, if you have decided to buy Demons Souls and face the disappointing death screen, read on, because we are going to explore some tips and tricks that will be useful even for Astora Solar. Passing through Boletaria.

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