The future of the European Union The cycle of citizens’ proposals to change Europe ends in Dublin

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Since sent Dublin – Economics, Social Justice, Employment, Education, Culture, Sports, Digital Transformation. This is the largest panel of citizens at the thematic level Today (February 25) until Sunday in the Irish capital, DublinFor the last meeting in the framework of Conference on the Future of the European Union Of that, 200 citizens need to formulate their recommendations.

Those that are agreed upon by 70 per cent of the citizens will be added So far 130 recommendations have been made From the other three panels dedicated to Democracy and Values, the Environment and Health, and EU Foreign and Immigration Policy. Joining the meeting in Dublin is the largest thematic panel on everything from workers’ sports rights to digital and economic transformation, in which at the previous two meetings citizens withdrew from 21 priorities that identified issues such as taxes and agriculture. As can be seen in some of the recommendations of the other three panels, this would be a drawback as the recommendations would be very general and approximate.

In the context of the current crisis in Ukraine, it is difficult to imagine. With Russia’s continuous military offensive, This issue does not enter into the concerns of citizens differently, and although the EU’s request for more power in the field of foreign and defense policies has been widely put forward in the latest Maastricht panel, they will seek to formulate recommendations in this area. . This time it will be Dublin Castle To do from Arrangements for the third and final meeting of this panel, This will end the cycle of “action” meetings for citizens who need to put forward their proposals. Once the circle of recommendations closes, the conference will reach the heart of the discussion with European citizens and institutions at the Plenary on March 11 and 12. A box needs to be found in the coming weeks to give political follow-up to some of the recommendations to the political and civic component of the Conference on the future of the European Union.

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The conference on the future of the European Union was held in the Irish capital for the final meeting of a panel of citizens dedicated to the economy, social justice, jobs, education, culture, sports and digital transformation. On Sunday he waited for recommendations to the European Union

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