The future of the earth and the universe

The future of the earth and the universe

Humans often have a tendency to grieve. Centuries later, disaster is always declared.

Let us recall the Middle Ages, when some thought of the catastrophe of the 1000’s. Remember that the catastrophe of 2000 did not happen long before it was announced. In 2012, we can recall some recent events that foretold the end of mankind and the earth.

So let’s see what happens when we find out that man appeared on earth relatively a while ago. Therefore, we cannot claim to be there for eternity. Maybe one day on earth, man will no longer exist. Maybe one day, on earth, life will not exist. Then, beyond what might happen, the earth has a limited lifespan, and the sun around us has a generally limited existence as stars.

In other words, the great lesson of modern science is the evolution of objects: they are born, live, and die. But let us not despair of it, because thanks to a certain number of objects die new life appears.

To understand this, we suggest Andre Brohick explore three themes. First, what about human life on the one hand, and life on earth in general? What is his future? Second, what is the future of the earth and the sun, and what is the future of the stars in general? Finally thirdly, what is the future of the universe?

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