The French Film Festival has been in Cork for 32 years

The French Film Festival has been in Cork for 32 years

This is a great time to be a Frenchman in Ireland and especially in Cork.

Relations between our two countries have lasted for centuries, and in the post-Brexit period France was Ireland’s closest neighbor to the European Union.

Last week we welcomed the first visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Ireland, and now the magic of the Francophone movie is about to happen in Cork. The Cork French Film Festival kicks off tomorrow at the Gate Cinema (Thursday, September 2), and aims to provide an overview of French and Francophone cultures and communities.

It was an honor and privilege to be in Dublin last Thursday during President Macron’s one – day visit to Dublin. Macron arrived in Ireland to meet with political leaders on European affairs, beginning his visit with Arat. Michael de Higgins said that Ireland holds an invaluable place in the heart of a European dream and that France will continue to be a loyal friend in the future. Macron spoke to Michelle Martin, a Taoist at government buildings, and students at Trinity College, where he also visited the Long Room Library.

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet seven Irish and French ministers. French Minister Clement Boone studied business and economics at Trinity College, highlighting the deep and enduring connection between education. I attended the renaming ceremony in Dublin from Lycee Francis de Ireland with Lycee Francis International Samuel Beckett, French Europe, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and State Irish Special Education and Inclusion Officer Joseph Madigan T. It is the only school in Ireland that offers the entire French curriculum. More than 180,000 people in Ireland study French in schools or universities or through our Alliance Franchise Network. In addition, French is the first foreign language to be selected for the Living Certificate, so France is the place of choice for Irish Erasmus students.

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In the city center, a Huganot cemetery can still be seen in Cork on French Church Street. However, the relationship between Nano Nagle and France may not be familiar to many. Nano Nagle was born in Ballygriffin, near Mallow, in 1718. Before she died in 1784, she opened seven schools for poor children throughout Cork City, and established a hospice for poor women, in particular, the order of presentation. , Continues its educational and social inclusion today. Nano studied in France and then moved to Paris to stay with relatives. She was inspired to dedicate her life to serving the poor and joined a convent in Paris before returning to Cork. HE Vincent Guerrero, the French Ambassador to Ireland, spent a day in Cork in August, and it was very special to join him during his visit to Nano Nagle Place. He was humble by his heritage and was very interested in the conversion of the convent school.

The inaugural film of the Cork French Film Festival at Gate Cinema will be attended by Marion Barken-Cowdy, Deputy Head of Head and Economic Adviser Paul de Vos. They will also meet with political representatives from Cork, the Chamber of Commerce and the Port of Cork.

The Cork French Film Festival has been part of Cork’s cultural program for 32 years. The festival is aimed not only at Frankfiles and people interested in Francophone societies and cultures, but also at all great film lovers until Sunday, September 5th. The festival features 12 French language films, including Sisters. Released in France in July, the film tells the story of three sisters struggling with their complex Franco-Algerian family history.

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The festival celebrates everything the French-speaking film has to offer, along with Belgian (Madly in Life) and Quebec (Desi des Luciols) films. The diversity of the French language has also been incorporated into films such as the documentary Africa Mia, which follows a Mali group on a musical journey to Cuba.

Gate cinema with additional security features will have limited capacity for screening. For the first time this year, there will also be an online option for moviegoers who want to attend from home.

Tickets for the screening of the Corksgate movie can be purchased online at and for online screening at

The 32nd Cork French Film Festival, organized and managed by the Green Ray Film Agency from September 2-5, was hosted by myself and Valerie David-McGonald for the Alliance Franchise de Cork.

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