The French author says that boys were sexually abused in Tunisia


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A case has been registered against Michael Fakoi for allegedly abusing children [Getty]

The Franco-American professor accused his intellectual colleague Michael Faco of being a “pedophile rapist,” according to a report in The Sunday Times. Guy Sorman said in an interview that Foucault’s behavior was discovered in 1969 after visiting the late philosopher in Tunisia, where he lived.

“What about me? Take me, take me, ”he told the Sunday Times.

“They are eight, nine, ten years old. He would throw money at them and say, ‘Let’s meet at a common place at 10 o’clock at night.’ He fell in love there with the boys in the headstones. The issue of consent has not even been raised.

Sorman argued that Foucault was able to escape punishment because of the racial component of his business. “Foucault did not dare to do that in France. It has a colonial dimension. White imperialism, ”Sorman said.

In an interview, Sorman said he regrets reporting “extremely dirty moral” behavior to police. Although the media was aware of Faco’s behavior, he was reluctant to publish stories as the “philosophical king” and “God” of France. (…)

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