The fourth dose of Kovid Wax, Cio Modena: “It will be necessary”

The fourth dose of Kovid Wax, Cio Modena: "It will be necessary"

A fourth dose of Kovid Wax may be needed as it is the focus of the fall of 2022.. This was stated by Stefan Bansal, CEO of Modona, one of the makers of the MRNA vaccine. The efficacy of the booster dose is expected to decrease within months, as occurred after 2 doses of the usual vaccination course. Goldman Sachs I’ll be surprised to receive data in the coming weeks based on how well the “booster dose” has been maintained over time.

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Several countries, including Great Britain and South Korea, are already ordering vaccine doses for the fourth round. “I believe we need booster doses in the fall and after 2022,” he said, referring to the need for annual boosters for the elderly and infirm. “We believe that this virus will not go away. We will have to live with it,” the CEO added.

The appearance of the omiciron variant in the scene will accelerate the transition from the acute phase of the crisis to the local phase. At the same time, Bansel points out, caution is needed: the latest variant may surprise the scientific community and repeat the situation. “It is absolutely impossible to predict whether a new variant will come in a day, a week, or 3 months. Is it bad in terms of the severity of the disease. You need to be careful.”

In December, Modena published a preliminary study showing that a 50 microgram booster dose increases antibodies 37 times to the omicron variant. With a dose of 100 micrograms it is 83 times. Data collected by the UK Health Security Agency in Great Britain show that 20 weeks after the second pizzeria or modona dose, the effectiveness against symptomatic infections caused by omega-3s is reduced to 10%. The same report indicates that protection increases to 75% within 2 weeks after the booster dose. However, the effectiveness starts to decrease after 4 weeks. Therefore, the presumption of the fourth dose is concrete according to Bansel. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourle recently mentioned the need for a fourth dose and suggested a short break to counteract the effects of Omicon.

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