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The four requirements of mathematics are beyond all reason

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  • Gear Martinezsen

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All four requirements exclude many proficient teaching topics, the post author believes. Photo: Illustration Photo: Ingar Storefell

Many students are taught by non-experts. It is a pity that politicians do not ensure that adequately qualified teachers are being trained.

This is a discussion post. Comments on the text are at the expense of the author.

Remove the four requirements in mathematics for teacher-students, I mean in a column published on February 15 in Aftenposten. In a February 18 reply, Mathilde argued that the grade requirement from Tybring-JJD (H) Upper Secondary School should be maintained.

“Admission requirements will never be completely met,” the Sorting representative wrote, adding that “it is essential that professional requirements be set for those seeking the most important job in Norway.”

Both parts come out of the text of my article. I mention that many of the students who came with three in mathematics dropped out of school with excellent grades in the subject.

Nonsense claim

The point, of course, is not the grade from high school, but what students learn during their education. They need to have a deep academic understanding and be able to explain the subject to students in a variety of ways. In addition, students should be able to understand the many ways in which they can solve problems.

This is what students learn through teacher education, which is completely independent of whether they have three or four grades from high school.

Gear Martinezsen has been a primary school teacher for 26 years and a mathematics teacher at the Oslo Metal for 15 years. Photo: Private

In 2016, NTNU agreed that four of the math grades were required because it was one of all teacher education institutions. However, we do not know what NTNU means today – even though they think the requirement applies Everything, For those who are not skilled in mathematics.

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In any case, the vast majority of teachers in the field of teacher education believe that these four requirements are absurd. The follow-up group for teacher education, an advisory body of the Ministry of Education, also believes the requirement is wrong. Fortunately, there seems to be a majority in storage now to remove this absurd need.

Study spaces are empty

Professor Emeritus Carl Ivind Jordal also commented on the article in a short article in the same newspaper. He writes that I give the impression that this requirement has led to a significant increase in the number of vacant study spaces.

It is my opinion that empty learning spaces are not due to the fourth requirement in mathematics, but rather that all four requirements exclude many advanced teaching subjects. Think of the example I described in the article – about a six-year applicant in Norwegian, English, and social studies and very high credit. She wanted to be a teacher of philological subjects, but was denied a place to study because she had three or four subjects in mathematics.

Read this too

Ask school authorities: “Why are there four requirements in mathematics to become a teacher?”

However, the fact is that many study areas are empty and it is important to fill them.

It is unfortunate that so many students are still being taught by the unskilled and that politicians are not making sure that they are training enough qualified teachers.

When Kristin Clemet was Minister of Education, he received three credits from the Norwegian Mathematics and 35 credits from Upper Secondary School, an average grade of 3.5. Let’s go back there – or follow the advice of pedagogical students. They suggest at least 40 credits from the upper secondary school according to the perspective of the follow-up group.

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