The Foundation for Science and Technology is 32 million fewer than 2021

The Foundation for Science and Technology is 32 million fewer than 2021

The initial budget of the FCT, the main government-dependent body for funding scientific research in Portugal, appears in the explanatory note of the OE2022 proposal for the field of science, technology and higher education, published today on the Parliamentary Portal.

The document supports the specialization of the OE2022 proposal, which is scheduled for Wednesday with a hearing by Tutalege Minister Elvira Fortunato on science and higher education.

The OE2022 proposal was generally approved on Friday. The final global vote will take place on May 27 after special consideration.

By 2022, FCT’s initial budget allocation is 636.128 million, of which € 620.905 million is earmarked for investment.

In 2021, the FCT’s approximate budget will be 8 668.293 million, including 3 653.133 million for investment.

FCT’s investment in 2022 supports research projects (24%), doctoral grants (21%), researcher recruitment (21%), scientific institutes (20%), international cooperation (8%), scientific computing and open access (4%). ).

Compared to 2021, initial investment in doctoral grants (+11.9 million euros), scientific collaboration (+5.1 million euros), scientific computing (+2.5 million euros) and projects (+1.62 million euros) in 2022, but more committed to science. Institutions (-31.6 million euros) and researcher recruitment (-21.8 million euros) declined.

According to the same explanatory note, the FCT’s financial performance (actually spent compared to the initial budget outlay) reached 9 569 million, an increase of 7% over 2020.

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