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The former president was acquitted, and seven Republicans voted alongside Democrats

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Former US President Donald Trump in front of a Marine One helicopter (pictured). – A. Hanks / White H.S.

This is a verdict, in the end, No wonder. “Split” Incitement to riot “It simply came to our notice then Attack on the Capitol The U.S. Senate on Saturday acquitted Donald Trump on January 6. 57 senators voted to condemn him, but a two-thirds majority (67 out of 100 was elected) to remove him.

Only seven Republicans joined the Democrats: North Carolina senator Richard Burr added six people who confirmed the trial constitution, including Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Liz Murkowski, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse Pat Tommy. Their boss, Mitch McConnell, finally voted to acquit the former president. He therefore escapes expulsion and is likely to be disqualified and prevented from running for re-election in 2024.

No witness was heard

On the last day of the trial, the witnesses turned dramatically. At the last minute, Democratic prosecutors asked to hear Republican elected representative Jaime Herrera Butler. The second was reported the day before Donald Trump’s conversation with Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy in the midst of the attack on Capitol. When McCarthy asked him to call his followers back, Donald Trump replied, “Okay Kevin, these people seem to be more upset about the election than you are. “

With 45 votes to 45, the senators called for witnesses to be tried. But after a 45-minute break, they did reverse engineering. The public statement of the elected Republican was added to the file but without calling her as a witness.

So if Donald Trump escapes – The second time – To dissolve, His legal issues Does not end. The former president is the target of a criminal investigation by a New York justice into tax fraud. This week, the justice system in Georgia launched an investigation into the phone call he made Asked the Secretary of State He “found” 11,780 votes. Although he will have to stay at his residence in Mar-a-Lago in the near future, Donald Trump has not finished talking about him.



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