The formation of supermassive black holes – how objects appear

The formation of supermassive black holes - how objects appear

Scientists get more information and statistics, more theories and hypotheses. In our article, we will consider the most confirmed and widespread theories.

What is a black hole?

It is an astrophysical object with such a mass that even light is attracted by its gravity. Because of its massive performance, a black hole can affect time and space around the objects it interacts with.

A typical black hole has a mass of 250 to 300 solar masses when it emerges from a dying star.

That is, a black hole appears as a result of the internal processes of supermassive gas stars, when the processes of absorbing this matter lead to the absorption of the entire star. At the same time, a black hole remains, which absorbs all other objects that come in its way with its mass.

How supermassive black holes form

In general, most known theories use a hierarchical model of the expansion of black holes. Accordingly, the mass of the black hole increases due to the gaseous material it absorbs.

Photo: A pair of supermassive black holes (News Scientist)

Therefore, to create a supermassive black hole from the beginning of its formation, you need a star with a large gas mass, or a star in the center of a large constellation.

Black holes merge with each other to form supermassive black holes. Supermassive black holes are 1 million times the mass of our Sun. For example, the black hole at the center of our galaxy has about 4 million solar masses.

It is also an interesting fact that dwarf galaxies grow by colliding with each other, thus creating enough friction to extend their lifetime to gain enough mass to merge with a supermassive black hole.

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Therefore, one can logically conclude that within billions of years, most black holes will find each other. It’s a good thing we didn’t live to see this moment.

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