The first winner was Laura Jane Hawkbart

The first winner was Laura Jane Hawkbart

Laura Jane Hawkbart from Buchales was already the state champion, winning big prizes and is known across the country, especially Holstein Mar Charisma. However, she could win along with the other horses: Holstein Mar Aphina and her rider literally overtook their colleagues at CSE Ehlersdorf on Friday – with the support of Wellsing, Hawkbart won the M * show jumping test with Cormin’s daughter. Second Sports Horses and Gronvoldoff. Also, Hawkbart was at the forefront of the Second Division – now with 17-year-old Karisma.

Initially the focus was on the very young horses, and as of last weekend it rose to “one level” on the second day, making everything a little taller and wider. For example, on the Emil Frey Coastal Garage Tour for young people between the ages of six and eight. It has already celebrated its first winner, along with Sweden’s Rolf-Goran Bengkinson and Lianer. The question of who will win at Ehlersdorf after Sweden and Lionel will be answered at Ehlersdorf on Sunday from 1.30pm.

Lily Platt finished second

Behind Laura Jane Hawkbart, Lily Platt was another show jumper. Lily is the daughter of Derby runner – up Andre Platt of Timmindorf / Poyle, McLeanberg – West Pomerania, where she is part of the state team, has already competed in the Pres Der Best and finished second with Charlie Sheen. World-class stallion Chacko-Blue. Edmund Gundz-Malblank, a guest from Borkan, Westphalia, finished third.

Young people longed for exams

Again, the tests for young horses are impressive. Emil Frey included him in two divisions in the M ** – jumping of the Coastal Garage Tour. Michael Seams (Warden) Holstein Mar Konstantsehof’s Happy Bellini took first place. In the second department, Simon Heineke from Weddell won the comic book produced by Moorehoff Stables.

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Another former M-Class was the victim of Sarah Wellsing-Brewer (Hellefeld) and Costamir. Westphalian Stallion remained unbeaten, one hundredth behind second-placed Inga Ksvalina (Fehmarn) and Zest Ka. The Swiss Andreas Ernik was able to attest to the efficiency and speed of the Frulin Farbenfro Watt by the Holsteins. In the morning, seven-year-old Mar was clearly ahead in her age group.

Results Review CSE Ehlersdorf

12/1 Springprüfung Kl. M **: 1. Laura Jane Hawkbart (Buchholz), Affina 0 / 59.61; 2. Lily Platt (Timmondorf), Charlie Sheen 0 / 60.29; 3. Edmund Gants-Malblanc (Borkan), Iris 0 / 62.06

12/2 Springprüfung Kl. M **: 1. Laura Jane Hawkbart (Buchholz), charisma 0 / 59.72; 2. John Mews (Mehlbeck) Chrysimissi 0 / 61.94; 3. Lily Platt (Timmondorf), Sedan D0 / 62.78

10/1 Jump Jump Class M **: 1. Michael Seams (Warden), Konstansehof’s Happy Bellini 0 / 52.99; 2. Hannas Ahlman (Rehr), Salando Royal 0/55.35; Andreas Ernie (Switzerland), Riscalino 0 / 55.93

10/2 Youth Jumping Show Jumping Class M **: 1. Simon Heinek (WEdel), Comic 0 / 53.92; 2. Philip Batterman (Shoalf), Cormiro 0 / 55,52; 3. Dyermoid Howley (Ireland), Uriga VA 0 / 55.96

1/1 Jumping Class A *: 1. Sophie Svensson (Gronvold / SWE) Rialto van de Roshov 8.50; 2. Mads Lafrensen (Huss) Inca A 8.30; 2. Diarmoid Howley (Gronvold / IRL) Carmarino VA 8.30

1/2 Jumping Class A *: 1. Catherine Selmer (Kelling Hussein) Lalida 3 8.40; 1. Mascha Krause (Flintbek) Bailey 134 8.40; 3. Alexandra Witt (Friedrichscoog / SWE) Crucifer 8.20; 3. Mascha Krause (Flintbek) Marinke 8.20

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