The first reaction of the conversion authorities

The first reaction of the conversion authorities

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Malian transition authorities’ first reaction to a press release about Wagner’s presence in Mali’s 15 Western partner countries. This Friday, December 24, in Bamako, a high-level National Defense Council was held around Colonel Azimi Goita, president of the Transition. The security situation as well as the evolution of the measures to be taken were mentioned, especially in the context of the reorganization of the Barclays system. In a statement read out on national television as part of the meeting, the authorities strongly denied the allegations. Allegations by some participants In the presence of the Russian company Wagner.

With our correspondent in Bamako, Kauro Magassa

This Friday night after 8pm in Mali a journalist joins the presenter of the national television newspaper. He reads to the camera a press release from authorities responding to recent criticisms from fifteen Western countries, including France, Great Britain, Germany and Canada, for deploying mercenaries from the Russian company Wagner.

To read Mali: International partners strongly condemn the deployment of the Wagner Group

In the text, the government denies these allegations, which are described as rumors. These allegations “,” Evidence from independent sources is required .

To strengthen ” Capabilities “Defense forces only recognize the involvement of the Malian government” In state-to-state partnership with the Russian Federation .

Similarly, the government recognizes the presence of Russian trainers in its territory. In addition to the EUTM, the EU has a training mission.

For weeks, France, the European Union, the Community of West African States, and the United States have been concerned about a compromise between Malian authorities and private security firm Wagner.

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Abuse is alleged in many countries, including the Central African Republic, and many participants believe that the deployment of mercenaries in Mali is inconsistent with their presence in the country.

Also listen: Wagner: “The Malian ruling elite has a genuine desire to change alliances.”

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