The first photo on the internet, how and where it was taken, and how it was served on Instagram

The first photo on the internet, how and where it was taken, and how it was served on Instagram

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known as CERN (abbreviated in French as Concepcion European Polar La Richerche Nuclear), is the starting point for the first film to reach the Internet. According to a BBC post on the subject.

The funny thing is, photography has become a milestone in technology A situation that would have little or nothing to do with science.

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The first photo on the internet: How was it?

The first female figure in the network joins the band ‘Les Horrible Sernets’, It made an aesthetic parody of the 50s.

These amateur artists worked at CERN and attended a concert at CERN in 1989. Silvano de Gennaro hosted the meeting, in which a woman became popular.

The Recognition of this theme in the scientific community led them to perform at other festivals until 1992. They have reached the point where they need to record an album, which can even be seen in a video on YouTube.

Silvano de Gennaro, who became the husband of one of the members, preserved the artist’s photo Towards the end of her life she was persuaded to see a friend.

The person in question Tim Berners-Lee, Father of the World Wide Web or www, Asked a colleague to scan the photo for upload.

Berners-Lee created a page of CERN activities, where he usually uploaded the first photo he uploaded to the Internet., Although the BBC provides an accuracy on this issue, it is not entirely accurate.

“Initially, the Internet existed before the web (the web was the only way to spread information on the Internet). Because physicists built the web to share information, the data often included scientific images, “he noted in his note,” however, Cernets was the first non-technical photo to be uploaded to the net.

The BBC recognizes in its text that this is the first photo to hit the internet, “taken for fun, not for work”, which can be seen to be emerging as a natural precursor. Instagram.

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“The photo opened up life to life,” Silvano said of the postcard of four women In the midst of a musical parody, they went down in history as the first faces on the World Wide Web.

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