The first operator turns off the 3G network and these mobile phones will lose high speed internet. Review

Žena s mobilním telefonem

Vodafone is the first in the Czech Republic to disconnect its mobile 3G network on March 31. In particular, it means that high-speed mobile internet will not work on older phones after this date.

2G and 4G, of course, work on most modern 5G networks. The operator claims that older 3G customers only use 3G. “If you want to make calls or write SMS, you do not even have to change your old phone. You will use the 2G network nationwide, it remains.” Its spokesman Ondez Lustinek said.

“In addition to calling, you can also use the Internet connection through older GPRS / EDGE technologies.” Spokeswoman Charlotte Dadkov explained for However, the internet with this connection is very slow and almost useless.

If you recently bought a phone, you can keep calm. As a rule, devices older than eight years will not be lost to the Internet. If you do not even remember when your mobile phone was there, you should check whether you need to buy a new model. Can still connect via WiFi.

The most common common phones that need to be replaced:

iPhone: iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

Samsung: Samsung Galaxy (SCH-R530, SCH-R830, SCH-R970C, SCH-S968, SM-N900, SPH-L710, SPH-L720T), Samsung B2100, Samsung B2700, Samsung B5702, Samsung Chat 357, Samsung S3850 starší

Huawei: HUAWEI Ascend Y530, Huawei Ascend Y511, HUAWEI Ascend Y330, HUAWEI Ascend Y300, HUAWEI Ascend Y200, HUAWEI ALE-TL00 a starší

Nokia: Nokia 210 Asha, Nokia 700 RM-670, Nokia 520 Lumia and more

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Sony: Sony C1505 – Xperia E, Sony C1605 – Xperia E Dual, Sony C6802, XL39HA Star

Vodafone claims that the end of the 3G network will benefit everyone. “While turning off 3G will affect the minimum number of consumers, it will lead to better mobile internet for almost everyone. TheThe 3G is an old steam locomotive and the 5G is the most advanced high speed train ymbolically. For example, 1.5GB of video will be downloaded in 3G in about 14 minutes, and 5G video in 20G seconds, “ Lustinek added.

Other Czech operators O2 and T-Mobile will also turn off the 3G network by the end of the year. According to Jish Grundt, an association of mobile network operators, most checkers pay no heed to this change because their device uses a 4G network, sometimes LTE or the latest 5G network.

“Replacing or replacing transmitters will happen gradually. As soon as it is up to date for users, each operator will present its own update schedule and notify customers that the change may be affected. ” Grund said in February.

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