The first fully autonomous robot begins to operate in the Amazon warehouse

The first fully autonomous robot begins to operate in the Amazon warehouse

The video released by the company shows that “Proteus” scans with a green light as it moves around. When a person is in the green beam area, the robot stops, but resumes motion if the person no longer blocks the path.

The company also said it was working on other robot systems. One of them is the “Cardinal”, a robotic arm that can lift and move packages weighing up to 50 pounds or less than 23 kilograms. Amazon hopes to install the robot in factories next year. The company explained that each package is arranged through a robotic computer screen system but can be selected and elevated.

Information published by the company also shows that it works on technology that allows employees to abandon handheld scanners used to register barcodes. Instead, employees stand in front of a camera system that recognizes packages and scans them easily. Similar technologies are used in self-service stores.

The introduction of new robotic technologies, of course, comes with some concerns for workers. The company is right in pointing out that it is not trying to bring in robots instead of human labor. Forbes, Amazon’s head of robotics, also said that “it’s a mistake to replace people with machines”, which could lead to the company leaving the business.

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At the same time, robots can be used to determine the speed of work that is difficult for humans to safely follow. In particular, this new scanning system may lead to unrealistic expectations of how fast employees should act.

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At the same time, Amazon says all of the company’s latest robots will help improve security. For example, the “Cardinal” robot will work in areas where employees have to lift heavy packages that can cause various injuries. But Proteus can reduce the need for employees to voluntarily move heavy objects. The company also operates on a robot that delivers containers, which does not allow people to bend or step down to pick up packages.

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