The first flying car took off, transformed, and then hit the road! (Video)

The first flying car took off, transformed, and then hit the road!  (Video)

Watch the car take off from the airport, be an airplane, and then continue driving like a car

We have been offered flying cars for decades, but eventually science fiction has become a reality.

The first flight lasted 35 minutes

This week, a prototype flying car completed a 35-minute flight between two airports, landed, transformed and crashed into the road. Developed by Clean Vision, the “flying car” uses a BMW engine and runs on conventional gasoline.

It has narrow wings and returns to the car when it is time to drive on the road. This week’s flight between the airports of Nitra and Bratislava in Slovakia was conducted by Professor Stefan Klein, the creator of “Flying Car”.

– This flight marks the beginning of a new era of dual transport vehicles. It opens up a whole new category of transportation and restores the freedom that individual cars claim – Professor Klein said after the end of the summer.

Anton Sajak, co – founder of Clean Vision, added: “The flying car is no longer a fantasy; flying at 2,500 meters at an altitude of 170 kilometers per hour has made science fiction a reality.”

The car, which can carry two people weighing up to 200 kg in total, has so far achieved 40 hours of flight. According to Clean Vision, it took two years to develop the prototype of the “Aircar” and the production cost was less than two million euros – about 7 1.7 million.

It changes from an airplane to a car

It takes about three minutes to get from the plane to the car.

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– The automatic transition from passenger to flying vehicle, and vice versa, is not only the result of pioneering enthusiasm, innovation and courage; Is the result of excellent engineering and professional knowledge – Senior Technical Associate at Boeing Dr. Said Branco Sir. Of course, before seeing “Aircars” in showrooms around the world, the vehicle must pass all sorts of inspections and certifications.

Of course, everyone who gets it must have a pilot and a driver’s license. However, this is an exciting prospect.

He is a senior researcher in the field of avionics and aircraft at West University in England. Stephen Wright told the BBC: “I have to admit it’s really fun – but I have a hundred questions about certifications.”

– Anyone can build an airplane, but the strategy is to fly, fly, fly for over a million hours, with no incident with the person behind the wheel. I can not wait to see the paper that says it is safe to fly and for sale.

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