The first flight to Mars never took place

Первый полет на Марсе так и не состоялся

Tactical Helicopter Flight Software Update Required.

The team that manages Helicopter ingenuity, A software solution could be found to build the first flight to Mars. On April 9, during a planned test of helicopter rotors to accelerate spin-ups, the aircraft sent a message about potential problems. Over the weekend, the team reviewed and tested a number of solutions to this problem, concluding that a minor overhaul and reinstallation of the ingenuity flight control software would help. It was another launch Planned April 14 or sooner. However, the process dragged on.

Software update required. Although it is easy to develop, it can take time to evaluate and transfer. The new date for the first Mars flight will be announced next week.

– Today and tomorrow flight software updates are freely tested and validated on test benches at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), – Stated At NASA.

Critical functions such as power, communication, and heat management are sustainable. When the ingenuity team solves the problem, the Perseverance Rover will continue its scientific work with its toolbox, and prepares to test an experiment with Moxy (in situ oxygen resources experiment) technology.

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