The first crisis of the Biden presidency

The first crisis of the Biden presidency

Joe Biden’s U.S. administration is facing a problematic situation on the southern border with Mexico, and the influx of unusual immigrants that began late last year has put people in crisis for welcoming and handling applications. ‘Shelter.

The waves of immigration, which promised a more humane and humane immigration policy than Donald Trump, put the government’s plans in serious jeopardy. The Biden government is now under intense pressure from the Republican Party and the Democratic Left, which claims to have lost control of its borders, and tens of thousands of people without many children are still in detention centers with their parents in detention.

March 19, a detention center in Donna, Texas
(AP Photo / Julio Cortes)

Immigration flows are cyclical, but immigration to the southern border of the United States is likely to be significant this year. In January 2021, 78,442 people crossed the border, and in February there were 100,441: three times the same period in 2020. Los Angeles Times, If immigration continues at this pace, it could be 2021 The most visited year in the last two decades.

There are many reasons for this huge influx. First, by 2020 the Trump administration had exploited the pandemic and drastically reduced the influx of immigrants using Title 42, an order issued by the then Secretary of Homeland Security banning all travel that was “not necessary” to limit the risks. Infectious disease. Thanks to headline 42, the Border Police had the legal cover needed to briefly evict millions of people.

Therefore, immigration was expected to increase again by the end of the Trump administration, as one of Biden’s election promises was to end the “moral and national shame of the previous administration.” Alleged to have resorted to abbreviated homecoming and cruel and inhumane policies with the decision to separate parents and children.

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In January, Biden ordered a 100-day moratorium on the deportation of immigrants from American soil, repealing a policy demanded by the Trump administration and implementing it in accordance with the agreement with the Mexican government, which had tens of thousands of immigrants waiting for the U.S. government to extend their asylum applications across the border to Mexico.

However, the president has decided to keep Trump’s Title 42 active because of the pandemic, but exemption should be given to minors who cross the border without being accompanied by their parents. Since January, border authorities have been obliged to welcome them and evaluate their asylum applications.

Feb. 26, Border Police help refugees board a bus in Brownsville, Texas
(John Moore / Getty Images)

The move had unintended consequences, as it led to a significant increase in the number of minors trying to cross the border: families decided to send them forward because they hoped to be reunited in the United States. At the end of last week, the rule He knew To detain 14,000 underage migrants at the border.

The two hurricanes in Honduras and Nicaragua, as well as the crisis caused by the pandemic, caused a steady and rapid influx of migrants, destroying all intentions of the Biden administration, which had planned to completely change its policies. Border, to build more adequate structures and establish new methods.

Prior to the implementation of these plans, the situation on the Mexican border was not stable. Reception facilities have been in a sudden crisis in recent months due to poor policies of previous years: the Trump administration has neglected reception facilities, and even ordered the demolition of some of the last months of the order. In addition, pandemic prevention measures forced a sharp decrease in the capacity of existing structures, even when everything was busy.

Under these circumstances, the administration was forced to adapt, at least in part, to the old and criticized systems used by Trump: some of the structures that were initially closed were reopened, where immigrants are actually detained. In structure, living conditions are harsh and unsettling, due to congestion. Too many children are detained for more than 72 hours as required by law, after which they must be sent to foster families or to more appropriate facilities.

To try to resolve this situation, at least in part, a few days ago began to host the immigrants. In hotels and other accommodation Usually reserved for tourists.

The government also evicted thousands of families who used Title 42, forcing more people to camp on the southern border of Mexico, under Trump, waiting for another opportunity.

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The Biden government refuses to define the border situation as a “crisis”, but it is almost certain. The political repercussions are very serious, because the president seems to be stuck between two poles. On the one hand, the Republican Party, which accuses the state of losing control of its borders and allowing too many immigrants, is at a particularly critical moment due to the epidemic. On the other hand, the Left of the Democratic Party alleges that Biden has not completely abolished Title 42 and has followed many of Trump’s inhumane practices.

A group of migrants resting under a gazebo in a park after being evicted from the United States, Rhinoceros, Mexico on March 20 (AP Photo / Julio Cortes)

Now, the government seems to be mainly concerned with criticism from the conservative side. In an interview ABC, National Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas He said, Addressed the immigrants: “The message is clear, do not come”. Addressing American Public Opinion: The border is closed. The border is secure. We evict families. We exclude adults only നന്ദി Thanks to Title 42 of the United States Code, because we are in the middle of a pandemic, this is the priority.

The border crisis threatens to endanger Biden’s other immigration-related legislative initiatives, namely plans to regulate, restore and expand various programs for undocumented immigrants and foreigners living on U.S. soil.

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