The final referees were appointed

The final referees were appointed

The EPCR appointed Englishman Luke Pierce and Irishman Andrew Bryce as referees for the Champions Cup and Challenge Cup finals on May 21 and 22, respectively.

Tallus, La Rochelle, Leicester and Montpellier fixed! The four clubs playing in the European Cup final this season know the names of the referees for their match, the EPCR appointed on Tuesday. On Saturday, May 22, Englishman Luke Pierce will lead the Franco-French Champions Cup final between Toulouse and La Rochelle, with his teammates Wayne Barnes, Matthew Carly and Tom Foley in the video.

Luke Pierce, 33, will be the youngest referee in the history of the biggest European competition he has created 26 years ago. He has already officiated 30 Champions Cup matches. The Maritimes began their intercontinental campaign with a 13-8 victory over La Rochelle’s first European match in Edinburgh this season. Luke Pierce, who defeated Rouge et Noir of Clermont 21-12 in the quarterfinals, has also refereed a match at Stade Toulouse this season.

Montpellier knows Mr. Brace well

Irishman Andrew Brace will officiate the Challenge Cup final between Lester and Montpellier on Friday 21 May in Twickenham. He will be assisted by Frank Murphy and Chris Busby and video referee Brian McNeese. This is the second year in a row that Andrew Brace has led the team to the Challenge Cup final, having already reached the final of the Ix-n-Provence last October 16 against Bristol Tollon (32-19). The Irishman has refereed Montpellier twice this season: on the second day of the Champions Cup (played by MHR before being transferred to the Challenge Cup), losing 33-14 to Wasps and 19-10 in the semi – finals.

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