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The final fantasy 16 was revealed at the PS5 showcase event

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Sony launched this week PS5 Showcase Event Final Fantasy XVI, the next major installment of the Japanese RPG franchise, has been unveiled in a stunning and stunning way. The Revelation trailer showcased the game’s fantasy elements and combat, which seems to be the only next-gen title.

You play as a bodyguard to Joshua, the son of the Archdiocese of the area where the game is set. The earth around you seems to be gripped by some kind of drought, and all sorts of dangers. Combat showcased several nodes for Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy VII remake that was released on PS4 earlier this year.

This particular finale seems to be inspired by something similar to the “Fantasy” Game of Thrones in Fantasy, which means it looks completely different from previous games in this series. Some Fans have also noted similarities Square’s PlayStation 1-Age RPG to Vagrant Story. There’s also a one-off fight in the trailer – we need to see what the party system of FF XVI will look like.

You can see the trailer above. Squire Enix claims that it was copied to PC hardware, but it is designed to mimic the PS5 experience.

Some additional details about Final Fantasy XVI Square Enix a PlayStation Blog Post. The game will be directed by Hiroshi Takai, who previously starred in Romance Saga and The Last Remnant, and will be produced by Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida XVI.

It marks the first major major installment in the series since the aforementioned Final Fantasy XV, which was originally relaunched in 2016, but the series has seen several releases in the meantime. The Final Fantasy VII remake debuted on PS4 earlier this year, and Follow-up games work.

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Got the series’ MMO entry, Final Fantasy XIV, and the ongoing content stream. Its major Shadowbringers extension was relaunched in July 2019, and since then it has received numerous updates, including the latest–Patch 5.3– Arrived last month.

No release date has been shared for Final Fantasy XVI, but the game will be released in 2021. Sony has announced that the game will be an exclusive console on the PS5, suggesting that it will not come with the Xbox Series X or Series AC.

That was not the only news coming out of the PS5 showcase. You can find all of our greatest announcements and revelations PS5 Event Recap. For more information on purchasing the console, check out our PS5 Preorder Guide.

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