The ‘fiery’ mixture helped teacher Qian Jiang to win first prize nationwide

The 'fiery' mixture helped teacher Qian Jiang to win first prize nationwide

Mr. Truong Tri Thong won first prize at the 2021 National Conference of Vocational Educators, scoring 90.3 / 100 for his lecture on “Flamingo Lamborghini Cocktail Making”.

Teacher Qian Jiang’s ‘fiery’ mixture at the 2021 National Educator Conference

Mr. Trung Tri Thong, born in 1994, currently works in the Faculty of Tourism at Qian Jiang College. During his internship while studying tourism at Kanto University, Mr. Thong became interested in bartending.

“I enjoy making beautiful and delicious wines and the bartenders handling the cups skillfully. When I was in college, I found time to learn more about Barting and to help out in the shops, ”said Thong.

Mr. Thong, who graduated from Valedictorian in 2018, works as a bartender at a well-known hotel in Can To. But another opportunity came, and by the end of 2018 Mr. Tong Kien applied and was selected for the position of Lecturer at Jiang Vocational College. Since then, he has worked as a teacher, teaching 2 subjects of restaurant and bartending.

“At the beginning of my teaching, I had some difficulties with the pedagogical style. But thanks to the enthusiastic guidance of the teachers in the department and the taking of more professional training courses, I quickly overcame it.

According to Mr. Thong, there is a lot of training for vocational training, so teachers should follow and guide students step by step. In the practical class, he incorporated the imitation of a bartender so that students could play a role as an employee.

In addition, Mr. Thong integrated and shared his personal experience at work about the situations that may arise while going to work and how to deal with it. He said the barista apprenticeship program is divided into basic and advanced levels and students need enthusiasm and hard work to reach the highest technical level.

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Thong believes he is a professional educator, passing on not only his career, but also his passion for inspiring students to pursue to the end and achieve many other successes.

Referring to the most special memory of his teaching days, Mr. Thong said: “There were only 10 students in the first intermediate class I taught, but they were very obedient, fast-paced, and had a lot of friends.

At school, Mr. Thong is also known as a young lecturer who is active in extracurricular activities, and has participated in numerous scientific research projects and has excelled at the School-level Professional Teachers Conference. At the same time, he was seeking the honor of bringing home the first prize of 7 teachers representing Qianjiang Province, who will be attending the National Conference of Vocational Educators in 2021.

The ‘fiery’ mix helped 9X Teacher win first prize nationwide

Speaking on the reason for choosing the “Flaming Lamborghini Cocktail” discourse for the competition, Mr Thong said: “It’s the most difficult skill in bartending, but it’s the most exciting part, combining the technology of stacking glasses and pouring hot wine.


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