The farthest space scene ever seen by mankind.. Will you see..?

The farthest space scene ever seen by mankind.. Will you see..?

(Photo Source: NASA)

Internet Desk: The Clearest Picture of the Universe’s Beginning 13 Billion Years Ago This amazing image was released by the world’s most powerful James Webb Space Telescope.

The first image taken by the ‘James Webb Space Telescope’ has been released. The film was unveiled at the White House by US President Joe Biden. Thousands of galaxies are clearly visible in this stunning image of the universe. They are found in blue, orange and white colors. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson explained that this is the clearest picture yet of the beginning of the universe.

We are looking at a universe that is 13 billion years old. The light you see in this image travels over 13 billion years. It’s only 800 million years younger than the Big Bang,’ Nelson expressed his delight.

“Today is a historic day… an unforgettable moment for America and humanity,” US President Joe Biden said while releasing the image. “This is a very exciting moment for all of us,” said Vice President Kamala Harris. Today is the beginning of a new chapter in the universe.’

The James Webb Telescope holds the record for being the largest telescope in the universe. The first image marks the official start of the telescope’s science operations. As part of the mission, it continues to make critical discoveries,’ NASA said. NASA revealed the first five goals scored by James Webb on Friday.

The United States, European and Canadian space agencies jointly designed the ‘James Webb Space Telescope’ (JWST) to explore the universe. It was launched from the French Guiana Space Center on December 25, 2021. The Ariyan-5 rocket spewed flames and carried it to Ningi. JWST was introduced to replace the Hubble telescope already in Rhodesia. With this advanced instrument, scientists will solve many topics such as the birth of the universe, mysteries, stars, and more. The experiment of this telescope was carried out at great expense. Although it was originally supposed to operate for 10 years, NASA revealed that it has enough fuel capacity to operate continuously for 20 years.

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