The farmer is looking for a wife: Inca Bose returns to the East with two specialties

The farmer is looking for a wife: Inca Bose returns to the East with two specialties

Inca Bose visits farms

If you can not get enough farmers, you do not have to wait long, because after a day things will continue. Easter Monday, at 7:05 pm, there are no new farmers, but we look back to last season Inka Bose asks: “What is happening on the farms?” Nine farmers and one farmer wanted to find love in 2020 with “Bower Such Fro”. “The farmer is looking for a wife – what’s going on on the farms?” Another look into the yard. What is the current situation in Jungbor Patrick and Antonia? What happened to Lotus, the cattle owner, and his Steffi? Which new couple discovered each other? RTL will provide the answers.

Kristal returns

Keyword questions: Comedian Chris Tall has been asking RTL for the past four seasons “Can he do that?” This will continue in the future. The Cologne broadcaster will air five new episodes every Friday from April 9 at 11:15 p.m.. The live show should last 45 minutes, making RTL Primetime a fully live event because “Let’s Dance” is pre-programmed and produced live. The comedian naturally wanted to take advantage of the situation, and announced live jokes and live switching. To do this, he wants to actively involve the audience in the program. He gets support from unspecified celebrities.

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“Bower Such Fro International – New Farmers Around the World” on RTL on April 4 at 8:15 pm TV now.

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