The famous winner of the “Academy” now sells cell phones and tacos for survival

The famous winner of the "Academy" now sells cell phones and tacos for survival

“Academy” It went down in history as a program that revolutionized the world of music competitions in Mexico, and was able to position itself. Public eye For a variety of Mexican talents.

Let us remember that from the beginning of this project Aztec TV Millions of people attended the casting with the intention of being a part of it Ambitious And an interesting music project.

He was one of the greatest talents in the world of singing Maria Inസ്s Guevara Member of this successful first generation Reality show Musical.

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He is now one of the most remembered former members of the “Academy” First generation Despite being ranked third in the first generation, his life in the guild caused a great deal of controversy. Musical That did not happen and now he is dedicated to selling Phones And cell phones Tacos Fried meat.

It is about the talented Miguel Angel Rodriguez Chapel, Established himself as one of the most beloved and most voted public figures, so when Miriam Montmeyer won in 2002 RealityHe finished third in the competition.

Miguel Angel, a talented beast at the “Academy”

Is valuable Highlight His voice was one of the favorites of the jury, and he established himself as one of the most controversial members Reality And one of the most beloved by the public because of his charisma.

However, when first Generation On the program “La Academia”, the singer revealed that his contracts with the Ajusco television station were not enough to support him, which led him to find a way to survive and blame himself. Consider yourself Arrogance.

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“Suddenly you thought of yourself Genius You deserve everything, but it’s not so, because if your ego grows later, it’s stupid, it makes you feel more deserving, ”the former partner revealed in 2012.

Is Maria Ines, a former student at La Academia, coming up with an ambitious plan for the competition?

That was during an interview that day Provided by As Miguel Angel pointed out to a popular entertainment magazine, believing that you are more deserving will sometimes turn you away from the good. Opportunities Of work, that was Exactly What happened to him, so he was forced to find a way forward later.

“I started selling cell phones and I learned to live off others WaysI am not ashamed to sell roast beef taco and repair computer equipment, ”he admitted.

Although he is grateful for the project Aztec TV The truth is that at one point Michelangelo admitted that he had been rejected Showing discrimination In the said reality, the circumstances which discouraged him and reflected on him about the guild in which he was engaged.

Miguel Angel is currently 38 years old and is known to have had two Sons. 11 years ago, Miguel Angel confirmed that he was the mother of one of his men Sons He went away, so he became a single father, earning a living to give everything to his children.


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