The family says the roof of the Tesla Model Y exploded on the way home from the dealership.

The family says the roof of the Tesla Model Y exploded on the way home from the dealership.
  • Family members said the Chien family was on their way to the Tesla Model Y home from the dealership when the roof of the car fell off and fell onto the road behind them.
  • “When I looked up, the roof was gone,” Walter Chien, a cardiologist from Stockton, CA, told Business Insider.
  • This is not the first consumer complaint about Tesla’s quality control.
  • Over the past few months, Model Y owners have been reporting problems ranging from panel gaps to rear seats not connecting to the rest of the car.
  • Tesla and the Dublin-Amador Plaza Tesla dealership did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
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A family in California said they were driving home their new Tesla Model Y from the dealership on Sunday. The roof of the car exploded.

“Suddenly, a great wind began to blow; It feels like a window is open, ”said 19-year-old Nathaniel Chien in an interview with Business Insider. “And then quickly took it off.”

Walter Chien, a 63-year-old cardiologist, was in the backseat. Tesla tried to find the app. “When I looked up, the roof was gone,” he told Business Insider.

In the coming months, there have been a number of complaints about the quality control of Tesla’s electric SUVs. The drive model is called Y. A “quality nightmare,” Because buyers have detailed issues ranging from gaps between panels and loose seat belts to rear seats that are not connected to the rest of the car. Business Insider reported in September that it had found a Tesla owner The substandard parts seem to be plastic straps and fake wood from the “home depot” Their mode holds the cooling unit of Y in place.

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In an internal email leaked in June, Elon Musk addressed concerns about quality and told employees that the Model Y needed to “reduce correction requirements” from production. Previous Business Insider Reporting. Correction means that a car needs to be repaired while moving away from the production line and handed over to the customer.

Walter Chien said he expects some problems when he, his wife and son pick up the car from Dublin on Sunday morning at the California Tesla dealership. He first noticed that there was a gap in the front hood, one side wider than the other, ready to fix the problem. His son Nathaniel said he heard a small creek coming from the roof as he drove through a parking lot.

“You expect this kind of problem, but you don’t expect the roof to fall,” Walter Chien said.

In Interstate 580, the family was driving at 70 miles per hour, said Nathaniel Chian. A spokesman for the California Highway Patrol said they were unaware of the accidents on the side of the car on the road.

“None of us know how to react,” said Nathaniel Chien. “We didn’t cry or do anything. There was an initial panic and then we went back to the shocking silence.”

The family returned to the dealership in the new White Model Y, where officials apologized and said they had never seen anything like it before, offered car service and rented it to the family, Nathaniel Chian said. Chience refused to service the Model Y, and instead chose to return it in its entirety.

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On Monday, Walter Chien said he spoke with a Tesla representative and said everything was done right when the car was built. “It’s more important to me,” Chien told Business Insider.

Tesla and the Dublin-Amador Plaza Tesla dealership did not respond to a request for comment.

Now, the family is still deciding whether to accept the offer to pick up another Model Y or the Jettison to buy a Tesla.

“It belongs to my wife,” said Walter Chien. He said she was driving the car when the roof was detached and that the car was legally hers.

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