“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Episode 1 Review – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

"The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" Episode 1 Review - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

After seeing Marvel Studios’ recent production of “Wanda and Vision”, some despise returning to something as familiar as “Falcon and the Cold Soldier”. After all, this is the most common superhero story that can fulfill all the conditions and great opportunities you expect, but it clearly does not go beyond this framework.

We ‘ve heard a lot of similar stories and similar characters before, more or less familiar with cleancode. Although this will affect the overall impression of the first episode of this TV series, you should never stop watching the show because it is still satisfactorily integrated, like the story of the events that led to this particular series. Entertainment.

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Like “Wanda and the Vision”, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” took place shortly after “The Avengers: The End Game”. Since the “finger” was offset, billions of people have risen, but the global community is still in a state of disintegration, especially with the heroes who tried their best to overcome the fate of the struggle to find balance and their own goals.

Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) seem to be stuck in their own semi-depression, but new threats have emerged in remote areas. It is a Nigo organization that hopes to restore the world to its original state. Before a finger “.

However, this organization and the main villain Helmet Semo did not appear in the first episode, because in this episode we must first introduce the Falcon and the Winter Soldier to the audience, and how they will find ways to experience it. After the events of the “End Game”, I tried to lead a healthy life. A zoom out scene gives us a glimpse of the comforting action scene of the rest of the series, in which an enemy helicopter chases a falcon flying over a ravine, but beyond that, the steel characters stare and sigh as the two heroes try to settle down.

There is no doubt that this is a very intelligent way of building a worldview, but it may be very familiar to some people. This kind of opening is like the first half hour of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, as well as international espionage and the next show of the main characters. Sure, it’s familiar, but from a superhero’s point of view, it’s not just familiar, and it can easily be considered an introduction to the type of “shadow mission”.

Falcon and Winter Soldier

So, is it familiar? Tick ​​Yes. But this does not mean that there is much harm from it. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie put on remarkable and brilliant performances here, filling their characters with new looks and ideas, which is exactly what this MCU series should have. The other actors performed well here and almost all the scenes were carefully arranged, positioned and executed. This is a very professional job, but it’s really fun.

“Wanda and Vision” tells us that the story of a superhero may be very different from the currently accepted and established formula, so now we go back to the familiar formula, which looks a little backwards. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Although the first episode gives very little substance, who doesn’t love these addictive super-English albums?

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