The explosion of the Italians forced the ship to stop at the hotel

The explosion of the Italians forced the ship to stop at the hotel

Locked as a precaution. Keep discussing Selection The Irish government is forcing people coming to the island from many countries, including Italy, to build ships in hotels. In addition to the unfortunate passengers having to spend 14 days in a structure carefully guarded by the police, they have to pay the accommodation cost of 1,875 out of their own pocket. At a time when leisure travel is completely discontinued, a measure affecting the wider community of Italians in Ireland.


“There are about 50,000 natives like me. They came here from Italy like me. Today we feel like our country is forgotten.” Her experience as an Italian abroad with Europe Today Emiliana Capuro, A veterinarian, told parents to stay in Naples and leave their granddaughter’s first group – recently vaccinated. After all, Capuro cares about his friend Rosaria, who is locked in a hotel after an operation. “He told me he had to ask permission the day before to be able to leave the hotel to get air for a few days. He complained that the rooms were not cleaned because the facilities were not equipped to operate safely,” he said, hiding his anger at what he called “a real violation of our rights.” “They are treating us like plague victims,” ​​Capuro’s sad conclusion, hoping that “a vaccination program for members of the Air Force (Registry, edit of Italians living abroad) will be implemented as soon as possible.” Help the Italians around the world.

Ireland’s decision

Italy blacklisted Dublin last Thursday. With beautiful country, they are complete In the viewfinder Travelers from Austria, Belgium, France and Luxembourg as well as non-EU countries. In the first hours after the measurement, the Italian authorities reacted with panic to what appeared to be a choice that had no scientific basis from the first moment. Infection make sure In the last two weeks, the beautiful country has 338 people per lakh residents. This is much lower than in Poland (650), the Czech Republic (457), the Netherlands (593) and Sweden (796).

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The wait

Sources from the Italian Embassy in Dublin explain that the Irish government would have made a controversial decision with the parameters in the variants. “We were contacted by about 20 people who were locked up in the hotel,” she explained at the embassy, ​​without specifying the actual number of Italians subject to the forced embargo. “Our hope – they conclude – is that the Irish government will remove Italy from the list of high-risk countries in the next few hours,” he said.

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